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About Grãtfǝl

Grãtfǝl To Have You Here!

grãtfǝl was created one year after the loss of my sister. The way she lived her life is the reason behind our name. She showed us the true meaning of loving yourself, your family & friends.

Our brand would like everyone to take a moment and cherish everything life has to offer. No matter what may happen in life you will always have the opportunity to be grãtfǝl for those moments. Never forget the small things we tend to take for granted.

I would like to introduce myself to everyone. Some of you know me already and for the people who don’t - my name is Jerry Lee. All my friends call me Lee. I would like to say, "Thank You" for your support, it means the world.

Special shoutout to the Sickle Cell Community!! I take great pride in being an advocate and will extend this to the Grãtfǝl brand. I look forward to bringing you all on this journey! 

Grãtfǝl is more than a brand, we are a lifestyle that so many people live by. So continue to enjoy the small things and celebrate everything with the ones you love and never forget about you.

Be present in all things and grãtfǝl for everything 

Welcome to our brand! 

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